"Draw me a picture and let's figure out your love life."
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Terms & Conditions

  • The Art Reader will not perform your reading without first receiving your artwork in advance. Relax, if you don't know how to draw its perfectly okay. 90% of the artists who do business with The Art Reader actually draw like young children. Click here to read the drawing instructions. Do not purchase a reading if you are not prepared to submit your artwork at least two hours before your appointment begins.
  • All sales and transactions are final and refunds will not be granted unless deemed appropriate by The Art Reader. 
  • In order to receive an appointment, your reading and/or consultation must be purchased in advance. Please text or call 213-770-0177 to book your appointment. 
  • All cancellations must be completed by text or telephone. NO EXCEPTIONS! Call or text 213- 770-0177 to inform The Art Reader of your intent to cancel your appointment. Please notify The Art Reader at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you plan to cancel it.  The Art Reader reserves the right to impose a ($25) inconvenience fee for an initial missed appointment that is not cancelled at least two hours in advance. If applicable, The Art Reader will not perform the  (2nd) rescheduled reading and/or consultation unless the ($25) inconvenience fee is paid electronically in advance. After two missed appointments, The Art Reader reserves the right to impose a ($50) inconvenience fee, regardless of if the second appointment was cancelled two hours in advance. Any patron that misses, cancels and/or reschedules more than two scheduled appointments automatically forfeits all payments and/or fees that were previously paid to The Art Reader. 
  • Purchasing the 90 Minute Urgent Art Reading guarantees that The Art Reader will perform your reading within 24 hours or less from the time that your payment processes. Prior to purchasing the 90 Minute Urgent Art Reading please text or call 213-770-0177 to verify if The Art Reader can accommodate you first. The 90 Minute Urgent Art Reading cannot be combined with promotional offers. 
  • The Art Reader does not guarantee the existence and/or occurrence(s) of past, present and/or future events.
  • The Art Reader does not perform tarot card readings.
  • All services rendered by The Art Reader are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used for medical or legal advice.
  • The Art Reader is not a licensed therapist or counselor. 
  • Every intuitive reading and/or private consultation is 100% confidential.