"An Artistic Twist of Astrology"
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Hello, Artists!

            Now that you've learned about The Art Reader I'm sure that you're excited about receiving your art reading. Listed below are eight simple steps to ensure that you receive a quality art reading. PLEASE FOLLOW AND READ THESE EIGHT STEPS! If you still have questions after reading these eight steps, I ask that you PLEASE FOLLOW AND READ THESE EIGHT STEPS AGAIN

STEP 1: Find a blank sheet of paper to draw on. If you are comfortable drawing with a different canvas other than paper you're more than welcome to do so.

STEP 2: Select your favorite drawing utensils such as pencils, pens, paint brushes, markers, etc. It's your choice. Color is optional.

STEP 3: Find a quiet place free of distractions and draw for 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes! If you feel that you can't draw for 15 minutes then keep drawing until you have drawn for 15 minutes. (READ THIS STEP 3X's PLEASE!!!)

STEP 4: After you have drawn for 15 minutes without distractions, submit your payment, take a (close-up) picture of your artwork, then email it to [email protected] . The Art Reader will then contact you shortly thereafter to schedule your appointment. To ensure that you receive an accurate art reading please do not use camera filters or color enhancers.

STEP 5: Again, we must emphasize the importance of drawing for 15 minutes. If you desire to draw for longer than 15 minutes you're invited to do so. Again, The Art Reader isn't concerned about the appearance of your artwork. The goal in having you draw for 15 minutes is to obtain an adequate amount of detail to provide you with a quality art reading. 


STEP 6: Remember that The Art Reader is a seasoned professional who is able to tell if you drew for less than 15 minutes or with distractions. Distractions include but are not limited to cell phones, tv, noisy people, work, video games, etc. Our world can be hectic. Research shows that drawing can relieve stress, so take advantage of this time that you have to relax and express yourself artistically. You deserve it!

STEP 7: Artwork lacking detail and/or focus will be excluded and you will be asked to draw more. Again, The Art Reader doesn't care about how well you draw. The more that you draw the more The Art Reader will reveal.

STEP 8: Please save your artwork just in case The Art Reader requests for you to draw more. It will save you the time of having to draw another picture from scratch. But this shouldn't happen as long as you READ AND FOLLOW THESE EIGHT STEPS.


I look forward to reading your art. 

The Art Reader

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