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How To Date A Woman Who Has Daddy Issues?

Written by: Sunshine Hooks (The Art Reader)

November 15, 2021

1. Praise her physical appearance even when she dresses conservatively.

2. Don’t rush the sexual process - even if she does.

3. Praise her strengths and seek to empower those strengths.

4. Speak to her lovingly, civilly or assertively

5. DON’T ABUSE HER! (verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually, financially, etc.)

6. Implement healthy boundaries to protect yourself if she becomes abusive toward you.

7. Remind her of your (fair) expectations from her if she acts out of character.

8. Always make your intentions clear to her.

- If you’re not able to do the above steps (1 - 8) then just leave her alone.

- If she makes it impossible for you to perform the above steps (1 - 8) then leave her alone.

What The Fuck is Wrong With These Men? 

By: Sunshine Hooks​ 

December 14, 2020

          Years ago I was dining alone at a popular restaurant in Los Angeles. It was happy hour at the bar, and I was feeling a bit lonely. To be quite honest, I went to the bar that day looking for some masculine attention. I wasn’t trying to hook up with anyone, but at the time I was single and just craving some decent conversation. Including me, there were only two other ladies seated in the bar area. One woman was with her husband, and the other appeared to be on a date. I was surprised at how much the males outnumbered the women in occupancy that afternoon. I assumed that since I was the only single lady in the room, someone would surely approach me. I ordered an appetizer along with a cocktail, and as I patiently waited for my food to arrive I grew annoyed with the majority of the men in the room. They seemed like bitches to me. “Look at them…all up in each other’s faces sucking each other’s dick’s!” All the while there’s a beautiful woman sitting across the bar and no one is even approaching her.” These are the same type of guys who go to night clubs, form misogynistic huddles and won’t even ask a woman to dance. I thought to myself, “I’m not stuck up!” “My demeanor is pleasant.” Perhaps if I were dressed more provocatively then one of them would have approached me?” I told myself, “I’m a beautiful, respectful and classy woman.” “My mother taught me how to be a lady in public”. “It’s not me - it’s them!”. Perhaps those guys were married or in committed relationships? Or maybe they were there for one purpose, and that purpose was to just have fun and watch the game. Who knows? Just as I was inwardly ridiculing every man in the restaurant, the bartender approached me and smiled. “Excuse me Miss, that man over there wants to buy you a drink.” I looked over to my right and noticed a quiet, mysteriously handsome dark skinned man sitting in the corner alone. He lifted his glass toward me and and grinned.” He had just bought me another drink. I smiled back at him and silently spoke the words “thank you’. He read my lips and politely nodded back at me. I told the bartender what drink I wanted and waited for my food to arrive. I was flattered by this guy’s gesture, but I secretly hoped that he wasn’t going to pester me. These days some fellas feel entitled to all of your time and attention if they buy you a single drink. That wasn’t the case with him though. After we exchanged eye contact, Mr. Mystery Man turned his eyes away from me and back toward the game. I waited for him to approach me but he didn’t. He was cool and calm. So cool that I couldn’t even see his eyes because he never removed his shades. “A true gentleman”, I thought to myself. I guess me and this man of few words must have been thinking the same thing about all of the other guys in the bar that day. “Look at this pretty woman sitting at the bar and not one man has approached her.” “What the fuck is wrong with these men?” My thoughts exactly! He was reading my mind. As soon as I finished my meal I left feeling happy about my experience at happy hour. Not one guy approached me that day.