"Draw me a picture and let's figure out your love life."
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Sunshine Hooks is a highly sought after artist and who was called to her profession at a very young age. Those who have received an art reading by Sunshine, marvel at how she uses art to read into one's inner most secret thoughts. Sunshine opened the doors of The Art Reader in the summer of 2014 at the world famous Venice Beach Boardwalk. Since Venice Beach was the largest tourist attraction in Los Angeles at that time, she performed hundreds of readings every summer and spring. One summer day Sunshine met an artist who predicted that her gift would take her far beyond Venice Beach. That artist was right! Sunshine eventually did convert The Art Reader into an online revolution, however she credits Venice Beach for helping to build her confidence as an intuitive artist. Sunshine's gift is authentic and intriguing, and she loves to convert skeptics who dare challenge the accuracy of her readings. Many refer to Sunshine as a "mind reader, however she is so much more than that. She is a gift to the world and a friend to those whom she graciously serves. You are officially invited to have fun and express yourself, as you experience The Art Reader.